Writing Clips

New York Times
4 Distinct Stars. 4 Distinct Eras. Which Version Of ‘A Star Is Born’ Does It Best? New York Times. 10.4.18
‘The Good Place’ Is Coming Back For Season 3. Here’s What To Remember. New York Times. 9.25.18
“‘Die Hard’ Never Died: It Just Had Cinematic Children: Here Are 9 Favorites.” New York Times. 7.13.18

The Ringer
Follow The Path Of Least Resistance: An Oral History Of ‘Office Space.’ The Ringer. 2.19.19
Indiana Fortuna: The Homegrown Roots Of ‘Rudy.’ The Ringer. 10.11.18
“The Heart And Soul Of The ‘Big’ Piano.” The Ringer. 6.4.18

America Magazine
Interview: Ethan Hawke Channels Thomas Merton In ‘First Reformed.'” America. 7.5.18

The Best, Worst, And Weirdest Moments of the 2019 Oscars. Esquire. 2.25.19
The Best, Worst, And Weirdest Moments of the 2019 Golden Globes. Esquire. 1.7.19
“The Sandlot Is One Of The Best Baseball Movies Because It’s Not About Winning” Esquire. 4.6.18
“The 20 Best Basketball Movies Ever Made.” Esquire. 3.19.18
“The Best, Worst, And Most Empowering Moments Of The 2018 Golden Globes.” Esquire. 1.8.18
“Charlize Theron Has Been Kicking Ass And Taking Names Her Entire Career.” Esquire. 7.27.17
“Tom Cruise Saved His Career With Action Movies.” Esquire. 6.10.17
“These Are The Real People Behind You Favorite Muppets.” 3.14.17
“The Best, Worst, And Most Cliched Moments From The 2017 Golden Globes.” Esquire. 1.9.17
“Why Hollywood Is Still So Obsessed With Boxing Movies.” Esquire. 11.18.16
“Q&A: Why Jon Hamm Doesn’t Miss Playing Don Draper.” Esquire. 10.19.16
“War Dog Elevates The Bro Buddy-Comedy With Bush-Era Burns.” Esquire. 8.19.16
“How Zac Efron Has Evolved From Teen Idol To Full-Fledged Movie Star.” Esquire. 7.11.16
“Partners In Crime: The 10 Greatest Buddy-Cop Movies, Ranked.” Esquire. 5.19.16
“The Pros And Cons Of Leonardo DiCaprio Winning The Oscar.” Esquire. 2.26.16
“10 Real Coaches Whose Lives Should Be Movies.” Esquire. 11.23.15
“James Corden Debuts A More Fallon-Like Late Late Show.” Esquire. 3.24.15
“Homeland Season 4 Was One Of Its Best Yet.” Esquire. 12.22.14
“This Is Not The Same Jake Gyllenhaal You Knew.” Esquire. 10.31.14

“The Fate Of The Furious Stuntmen Reveal How They Pulled Off The Big Ice Chase.” Thrillist. 4.17.17
“How Much Of The Fate Of The Furious Action Stunts Were Real?” Thrillist. 4.20.17
“Inside The Bootcamp That Trains Humans To Act Like ‘Planet Of The Apes’ Primates.” Thrillist. 7.14.17

Paste Magazine
Q&A: “Comfort Zones And Cliches: Jake Johnson Discusses Win It All And Playing A Gambler.” Paste. 4.5.17
“Review: The Journey.” Paste. 6.15.17
“Review: The Gracefield Incident.” Paste. 7.21.17
“Review: From The Land Of The Moon.” Paste. 8.3.17
“Review: Goon: Last Of The Enforcers.” Paste. 9.6.17

The Atlantic
Goat Captures The Dark Psychology Of Frat Bros.” The Atlantic. 9.24.16

The National
“When The Circus Leaves Town.” The National. 8.1.17

Sports On Earth
“Young Buc Battles Mind Games.” Sports On Earth. 9.10.16